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X3T has recently been undergoing very dramatic changes in the overall layout, style, and feel of the website. For the next few weeks, or maybe even months, Xander 360 Tips will be changing in many ways. These changes may not be immediately noticeable, but each one makes a difference in the overall usability of the website. Some pages have missing or invalid content, which is currently being revised and updated. If you find that a page is missing, a link is broken, or there is a page with out of date content that does not have a banner stating the content is invalid, please notify me! At the top and bottom of each page is a link entitled "Email" that can be used to send me an email stating what page the content is missing on, what content is missing, and anything else that you feel needs to be on that page. Please use this link so X3T can become a more well-rounded website with all the available information for each game listed. read more...

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