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Reason 1: You're using Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is an internet browser different from many others in that it is not as safe and secure as others. It is recommended that one not use Internet Explorer for any reason due to the lack of security. In addition, this website is not optimized for the Internet Explorer web browser. We at Xander 360 Tips care about the safety of our visitors, so we encourage them to use safe and secure web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Firefox.

Solution: Stop using Internet Explorer and instead download one of the aforementioned web browsers for safe internet use. Benefits to using browsers other than Internet Explorer include: faster download/upload speeds, less pop-ups, safer and more secure internet browsing. Most websites, including Xander 360 Tips, are optimized for safer and more secure internet browsers. This ensures client (visitor) safety and server (web host) safety along with a better ease of use.

Reason 2: You're using another web browser this website is not optimized for. 

Solution: Xander 360 Tips is not optimized for use on all internet browsers. Below is a list of browsers Xander 360 Tips is optimized for; If you so choose, download one. Clicking on an internet browser below will redirect you to a website that will allow you to download the respective internet browser.

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