Halo: CE Anniversary

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Do you remember 10 years ago when you put Halo: Combat Evolved in your Xbox and were amazed by the awesome sight you were looking at on your tv?  I sure don't... I was seven years old then!  I didn't even know anything about video games, but I do now.  That was ten years ago, this is now.  Halo: CE Anniversary is an epic adventure.  Play through the first Halo campaign in completely remastered graphics, or press your 'Select' button to change them back to the original graphics.  Go online with your friends and play on seven of the greatest classic multiplayer maps ever introduced to the world.  Halo: CE Anniversary is slated for release on November 15, 2011.  You best start the countdown buddy, or you're gonna be left behind.  Pre-order your copy of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary today!

Pre-order a copy of Halo: CE Anniversary for only $39.99 at GameStop and get a bonus along with it!  Unlock your Master Chief Avatar Armor and grab your "Grunt Funeral" Skull today when you pre-order.  Click here for more details.

Now you may indulge yourself in the trailer of the decade.

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