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Halo 3 Rankings

1.  Recruit      [Exp Required: 1]

2.  Apprentice     [Exp Required: 2]

3.  Apprentice (Grade 2)     [Exp Required: 3]

4.  Private     [Exp Required: 5]

5.  Private (Grade 2)     [Exp Required: 7]

6.  Corporal     [Exp Required: 10]

7.  Corporal (Grade 2)     [Exp Required: 15]

8.  Sergeant     [Exp Required: 20]

9.  Sergeant (Grade 2)     [Exp Required: 30]

10.  Sergeant (Grade 3)     [Exp Required: 40]

11.  Gunnery Sergeant     [Exp Required: 50]

12.  Gunnery Sergeant (Grade 2)     [Exp Required: 60]

13.  Gunnery Sergeant (Grade 3)     [Exp Required: 150]

14.  Master Sergeant     [Exp Required: 300]

15.  Lieutenant     [Exp Required: 70]-----{Skill Required: 10}

16.  Lieutenant (Grade 2)   [Exp Required: 85]-----{Skill Required: 10}

17.  Lieutenant (Grade 3)     [Exp Required: 200]-----{Skill Required: 10} 

18.  First Lieutenant     [Exp Required: 400]-----{Skill Required: 10}

19.  Captain     [Exp Required: 100]-----{Skill Required: 20}

20.  Captain (Grade 2)     [Exp Required: 150]-----{Skill Required: 20}

21.  Captain (Grade 3)     [Exp Required: 300]-----{Skill Required: 20}

22.  Staff Captain     [Exp Required: 600]-----{Skill Required: 20}

23.  Major     [Exp Required: 200]-----{Skill Required: 30}

24.  Major (Grade 2)     [Exp Required: 300]-----{Skill Required: 30}

25.  Major (Grade 3)     [Exp Required: 600]-----{Skill Required: 30}

26.  Field Major     [Exp Required: 1200]-----{Skill Required: 30}

27.  Commander     [Exp Required: 300]-----{Skill Required: 35}

28.  Commander (Grade 2)     [Exp Required: 450]-----{Skill Required: 35}

29.  Commander (Grade 3)     [Exp Required: 900]-----{Skill Required: 35}

30.  Strike Commander     [Exp Required: 1800]-----{Skill Required: 35}

31.  Colonel     [Exp Required: 400]-----{Skill Required: 40}

32.  Colonel (Grade 2)     [Exp Required: 600]-----{Skill Required: 40}

33.  Colonel (Grade 3)     [Exp Required: 1200]-----{Skill Required: 40}

34.  Force Colonel     [Exp Required: 2400]-----{Skill Required: 40}

35.  Brigadier     [Exp Required: 500]-----{Skill Required: 45}

36.  Brigadier (Grade 2)     [Exp Required: 1000]-----{Skill Required: 45}

37.  Brigadier (Grade 3)     [Exp Required: 2000]-----{Skill Required: 45}

38.  Brigadier General     [Exp Required: 4000]-----{Skill Required: 45}

39.  General     [Exp Required: 600]-----{Skill Required: 50}

40.  General (Grade 2)     [Exp Required: 1200]-----{Skill Required: 50}

41.  General (Grade 3)     [Exp Required: 2500]-----{Skill Required: 50}

42.  5 Star General     [Exp Required: 5000]-----{Skill Required: 50}

Below is a chart of all of the Halo 3 Rankings. (click to enlarge+ or download)

Skull Locations and Step-by-Step Instructions 

*For any skulls to be obtained on Campaign, you must be playing the normal difficulty, or higher.*

There are 13 skulls that you can find while playing Campaign.  Here are step-by-step instructions on how to get to them and retrieve them.  They are listed by which Campaign mission they are on.

1.  Mission: Sierra 117; Skull: Blind Skull; Instructions:  Right after you finish the first fight in the Sierra 117 mission, you need to go to the far right when you are looking out at the waterfall.  There is another rock you can jump on from the ledge at the far right.  Jump on the rock and the skull is on the edge of that rock.

2.  Mission: Sierra 117; Skull: Iron Skull; Instructions:  This skull is near the end of Sierra 117.  When you get to the point in the mission where you have to save Sgt. Johnson.  Before you save Sgt. Johnson, as you are crossing the bridge, the place he is being held captive is to your left, you need to jump up on the ledge to your right and follow the path on the roof until you come to a small corner at the end.  The skull will be waiting right there at the end for you.

3.  Mission: Crows Nest; Skull: Black Eye; Instructions:  As you begin the mission, you need to walk to the front of the room you start in.  As you walk towards the front, if you look up, there is some piping above you.  You need to go to the front of the room, turn 180 degrees and jump up on the shelves.  Then jump on the red beam, following that, jump on the piping.  Go to the end of the piping, and the skull lies at the very end.

4.  Mission: Crows Nest; Skull: Grunt Birthday Party; Instructions:  After your first objective is complete, you will be ordered to go back to the barracks.  On your way back to the barracks, you will fall down a hole in the floor.  When you land, look down through the grated floor, you can see a pipe.  You need to go to the end of the pathway and slowly move off the edge.  As soon as you drop, pull back and you will be under the floor you were just on.  Now all you have to do is follow the pipe to the end to get the skull.

5.  Mission: Tsavo Highway; Skull: Tough Luck; Instructions:  At the point in the level when you exit a caved in tunnel and find yourself on a long bridge just as a Covenant Cruiser flies overhead is when you need to look to your left.  You will see a large pipe to the left that runs the length of the bridge.  You will need to get on that pipe and go to the left side of it.  Follow it until you get to the edge, below you, there should be a large support, jump onto that.  Follow that support until you can jump onto a rock to your left... There lies the Tough Luck skull!

6.  Mission: The Storm; Skull: Catch; Instructions:  When you enter the open area with a ghost, go down to the ground level.  ***Note***  Do not destroy any wraiths.  The skull does not immediately spawn, it takes about 30 seconds.  What you need to do is go to the little round structure towards the wraith that isn't on ground level.  You need to either park a Warthog right up against the round structure, or get on top of a friends head, if you are playing multiplayer.  You must jump off of the Warthog, or friends head, and onto the round stucture, the skull should be in the center.

7.  Mission: Floodgate; Skull: Fog; Instructions:  When the mission starts, you will need to walk towards the objective from the Anti-Air-Cannon.  When you come to the ramp, you will hit a checkpoint.  When you hit this checkpoint, a marine will yell, "There! Over there!" If you look up at the roof to the right, directly behind the missile launcher, there will be a single flood "creature."  This flood "creature" is holding the skull.  To obtain this skull, you must have impecible timing.  Just before he jumps, you need to shoot him and he will drop the skull right in front of you on the ramp.  If you miss him, you have to restart the mission until you succeed.  It should be a 1-shot-kill, but you might want to shoot 2 or 3 times just in case.

8.  Mission: The Ark; Skull: Famine; Instructions:  When you come to the point where you see a large bridge structure to your right, not to be mistaken with the 1 that has all the grunts and other "creatures" on it, the bridge you need is the 1 that has nothing on it.  You will need to turn right, go under the bridge and follow around until you can drive, or walk up the side of the rockface.  You need to walk or drive a vehicle up the rock and try to get onto the bridge.  Follow the bridge near the end, where the last large support is.  If you have a chopper, park it right againts the wall of the support, just where the edge of the bridge starts to slope downwards.  Be careful not to let the chopper slide off, or to park it and get out and have yourself fall off the side.  Jump on the chopper and then onto the support, the skull is on the end hanging out over the edge of the bridge.  Alternatively, you can grenade jump onto the support.  You need to place a grenade in the corner between the support and the bridge, very carefully.  Most of the time it doesn't matter if it is a Frag or a Plasma grenade.  Be careful not to kill yourself as you attempt to grenade jump though.  Do not use a Spike grenade, those will instantly kill you.

9.  Mission: The Ark; Skull: Cowbell; Instructions:  After you kill the scarab, you need to go into the little building to the left and grab a grav lift for later in the mission, when you will get the skull.  When you go inside the building and you kill all the grunts, venture to the second sloping hallway.   If you look up and to your left, you will see some platforms, the skull is on the top platform.  You need to use your grave lift at this point, but you need to put it on the fourth green dot on the right side of the hallway from the door.  Run and jump on your grav lift and try to get onto the top platform.  If you fail, try again, if your grav lift collapses, kill yourself and start from the last checkpoint.  Keep trying until you get the skull.

10.  Mission: The Covenant; Skull: Thunderstorm; Instructions:  This skull is fairly easy to capture, but you do have to start from the beginning of the mission, like you do with all other skulls.  Once you have shut down the first tower and gotten to your hornet, fly up and to your right towards the second tower.  Land on the tower and go up the ridiculously long ramp to the top, the skull lies right in front of you at the top of the ramp.

11.  Mission: The Covenant; Skull: IWHBYD; Instructions:  After completing almost the entire mission, you will get to the point where you have to go through what appears to be an insanely long hallway that has large, bright halo's floating above you.  They look to me like holograms.  As you fight your way to Truth, be careful not to jump through any of the halo's, if you do, you will not be able to get the skull.  Once you've cleared your way to truth, watched the cutscene, or skipped it, I suggest that you take out all of the flood before proceeding to the next step in getting the skull.  There are seven halo's, the seventh is the 1 near the end of the hallway, where you activate a bridge, closest to Truth.  The first 1 is at the beginning, when you enter the hallway.  You need to go back to the beginning of the hallway and jump through the halo's in this order: 4, 6, 5, 4, 5, 3, 4.  If you do not jump through them in that order, or you accidentally jumped through some earlier, you will have to kill yourself and start at the previous checkpoint, or completely restart the mission.  If you jump through them correctly, they will light up and start blinking.  Once you have jumped through the halo's, go to the end of the hallway, where the small bridge is, the skull lies right there.  Pick up the skull and finish the mission while holding the skull, all you should have to do now is go back to the beginning of the hallway and jump down the hole behind the elevator. *Fun Fact* ~ IWHBYD stands for I Would Have Been Your Daddy.

12.  Mission: Cortana; Skull: Tilt; Instructions:  When you get to the circular room in this mission, you will hear Cortana say, "You like games? So do I."  When you hear her say that, you know you're in the correct room.  As you enter the room, look to your left and you will see some mushroom shaped platforms.  Find a way to get on top of those, then look up again, there will be more mushroom shaped platforms.  Once on top of the second set of mushroom shaped platforms, there will be a thin bridge that you can walk across that takes you on top of the ceiling of the room.  There, on top of the ceiling, is the skull.

13.  Mission: Halo; Skull: Mythic; Instructions:  As you begin the last mission of the Campaign, you will enter a large snowy cave.  As you follow the cave, hug the right wall.  Eventually, you will find another tunnel to your right, follow it and at the end is the Mythic Skull!  Well done, you have now gotten all of the skulls on Campaign!!!  You have now unlocked all of the Hayabusa armor, and more!

Mythic Map Pack Skulls

**It is easiest to obtain these skulls by entering forge mode.**

Mythic Map Pack Skulls---There is a single skull hidden on each map of the Mythic Map Packs, or the 6 Mythic Maps on the Multiplayer disc that is included with Halo 3: ODST.  Once again, there will be step-by-step instructions on how to get them.  Remember that these skulls are easily obtained by going into forge mode and then switching to the monitor mode, which allows you to edit the maps. ***Note***  You must have XBOX LIVE to obtain these maps unless you buy Halo 3: ODST that has the Multiplayer disc included..  The map packs cost 800 Microsoft points each if you are playing on a regular Halo 3 disc and do not own Halo 3: ODST, but if you do own it, or have access to it, DO NOT buy these maps unless you will not have access to the maps anytime you want.

1.  Map: Assembly; Instructions:  Go into monitor mode and look near the center of the map.  You will see a giant structure with 2 pipes sticking out of the sides.  Go to the pipe on the left, if you don't find the skull there, go to the right pipe.  The skull lies on 1 of the pipes, all you have to do is to exit monitor mode and pick up the skull.  Which pipe the skull is on depends on which side of the map you spawn on.

2.  Map: Citadel; Instructions:  When you spawn you will be facing a large opening, go into monitor mode and exit through that opening and turn right.  Proceed through the center of the map and enter the room/hallway with the overshield.  Once you enter the room/hallway, the overshield should be on your left.  Turn left and go past the overshield.  Don't go very far because you should come to a "bend" in the hallway.  This is much like an oddly shaped corner, but look up and you should see some metallic rafters.  Look up and to the right side of the rafters, fly up and when you cannot ascend anymore, look to your left and the skull should be in front of you.  This may take you a few tries, but you must exit monitor mode and immediately press RB, or whatever button you have set to pick up weapons.  You will fall to the floor very fast, so if you don't get the skull the first try, keep trying.

3.  Map: Orbital; Instructions:  Find the room with the large silver wall extending from the top of the doorway to the ceiling.  Go into monitor mode and ascend to the top right of this wall where there is a ledge.  Drop onto the ledge, out of monitor mode, and crouch.  Walk to the skull and pick it up.

4.  Map: Heretic; Instructions:  When you spawn you will be facing a large opening, go into monitor mode and exit through that opening and fly up to the large platform in the center of the map.  Look at the wall that is directly across from the opening you just exited and there should be some "flap" type shutters.  On the right half of those, at the bottom, lies the skull.  Fly over to it, exit monitor mode and pick it up.

5.  Map: Longshore; Instructions:  When you spawn go around the far side of the large structure beside you.  Go into monitor mode and look towards your right at the edge of the map.  Immediately you will see a vent-like structure ascending up the side of a building.  Go to the left side of that where it arcs inward towards the building wall and the skull sits upon the vent.  Exit monitor mode and pick it up!

6.  Map: Sandbox; Instructions:  This skull is by far the hardest to obtain from the Mythic Maps.  There are several ways you can get the skull.  Go into forge mode and look around until you find the sun.  To the right of the sun are 2 Guardians, which on this map, are large towers surrounding the map that shoot you if you leave the boundaries.  In between those 2 Guardians to the right of the sun is the skull.  The tricky part is getting to it.  You can't just go into monitor mode and hope to fly to it without dying.  I suggest building a tunnel to the skull.  If you make a successful tunnel, you should be able to just walk, or fly through it to pick up the skull at the end.

***Alternatively*** You can go on and download a good map from somebody, and use that, or you can go on my file share and use mine.  On my file share, it is in slot number 1.  Once again, my Gamertag is G3t Pro Refer to the link above, there you can search my gamertag.  Look under my file share there, and you can download my Forbade map variant.  Here is a direct link to download my map variant.  It does say the original author of the map variant is numbafo, but that is my old account, so no worries, I'm giving you and anyone else permission to use my map! There you have it!  Now you have all the skulls from the Mythic Maps!  You are 1 step closer to getting Recon Armor!

The 7 Terminals 

***You may be playing any difficulty to access and locate the terminals.***

When you have unlocked all seven terminals, you will get the Marathon Man Achievement***Note*** If you are playing co-op when activating the terminals, on XBOX LIVE, or not, you must have all players near the terminal, or it will not activate.

1.  Mission: The Ark; Location: When you start the mission, the first terminal is inside the first building you can enter.  To get to the building, you can just run past all the grunts and other "creatures" towards the entrance.  You don't have to kill any of them to unlock the terminal.  Once you enter the first building, take a left, there should be a door there that leads into another hallway.  In the center of the arched hallway is the terminal.  Make sure you have all the players that are in the game with you, or else you cannot access the terminal.  This applies to all terminals.

2.  Mission: The Ark; Location:  After you complete the previous part of the mission, explained for the first terminal, move on.  Once you are past the part in which you have to destroy the AA Wraiths, and you are given Scorpions (tanks) to finish the mission, you will have to go back to the large bridge with the door.  The Scorpions will have to go through the lower door of the bridge, you will journey through the door on top.  Once you get to where you have to activate the bridge for the Scorpions to pass, turn around 180 degrees.  The second terminal is right there!

3.  Mission: The Ark; Location:  After you take down the Scarab, move on.  You will come to a room with sleeping grunts, and move on.  Go down the sloping hallway and enter the room to the left with more grunts, to your left is a ramp.  If you wish, kill some grunts, but under the ramp is a small room containing the third terminal.

4.  Mission: The Covenant; Location:  When you enter the first tower and defeat the first wave of Covenant, go to the elevator.  Before you activate the elevator, travel across it to the other side, there, you will find the fourth terminal.

5.  Mission: The Covenant; Location:  As you deactivate the first tower, make your way to the Hornets.  Grab a Hornet and fly to the second tower.  Land on the second tower and go towards the entrance, the door will be locked.  Just turn 180 degrees and the fifth terminal is right there!

6.  Mission: The Covenant; Location:  When you reach the third tower and defeat the first wave of Covenant, go to the elevator.  Before you activate the elevator, travel across it to the other side, there, you will find the sixth terminal.  This terminal is in the exact same location as the fourth, just at the third tower instead of the first.

7.  Mission: Halo; Location:  At the beginning of the mission, follow the cave tunnel until you are almost to the end.  When close to the end, if you look to the right, there should be a large structure.  Hop onto that structure and follow it back the way you would have come through the cave.   Once at the end of that structure, turn left and the seventh terminal is there.

Vidmaster Achievements

If you would like to learn how to acquire the Vidmaster Achivements then please visit the Road to Recon page, or click the Vidmaster Achivement of your choice below.

Vidmaster Challenge: Annual     Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan - Found all the hidden skulls on the Mythic maps.     Vidmaster Challenge: Lightswitch - Got the rank of Lieutenant in any playlist in the new EXP progression system.     Vidmaster Challenge: 7 on 7 - Entered into a ranked or social playlist with 7 EXP on the 7th of the month.     Vidmaster Challenge: Classic - Finished any level solo on Legendary, on LIVE, with no shots fired or grenades thrown.     Vidmaster Challenge: Endure    Vidmaster Challenge: Déjà Vu

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