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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (Live-Action Halo Series) Watch it here!


Welcome to Halo 4. Developed by 343 Industries, Halo 4 has proven to be a great success. Bungie created the Halo Universe, 343 expanded it and took it to a whole new level. While many still say Halo 2 was the best Halo yet, Halo 4 is by far the best when it comes to graphics, technology, and overall usability. In War Games, players have the opportunity to rank up to level 50, then they unlock a whole new set of "perks." These perks are called Specializations, and with each comes a new set of armor, abilities, and ranks. There are eight Specializations, two of which were available at launch, all eight of which will be available at a later date. Limited Edition owners were granted access to all eight Specializations at launch. In total, adding all Specializations up, each with 10 extra levels, players can now reach SR130 (level 130). Much like Halo: Reach, players must purchase their armor after achieving the required level or other requirement. Pick the armor you buy wisely though, because you won't have enough Spartan Points to buy it all when you reach SR50.

There are several immediately noticeable differences upon reaching the Main Menu. Instead of "Multiplayer," the option for "Infinity" now lies on the menu. Infinity is the new multiplayer mode for Halo 4. Upon choosing Infinity, players have the options of War Games and Spartan Ops instead of Live and Firefight. War Games is the typical Xbox Live Multiplayer experience. Spartan Ops is not like Firefight; however, it is similar to the Campaign. Spartan Ops adds a whole new twist. There are separate maps from the Campaign, and a new storyline that goes with it. Each week a new Spartan Ops Episode is launched, each with 5 Chapters, or Missions. Players can earn Achievements in Spartan Ops, and experience points. Unlike all other Halo games, every game mode in Halo 4 earns experience for players. Lock and load because it's time to play some Halo!


If you get a thrill from playing Spartan Ops or finding Domain Terminals in Campaign, you might want to see what I've got to say. Not all the armor or armor skins in Halo 4 come from rank or commendations. There are other ways to unlock special armor. Play through Spartan Ops Episode 1 and you'll have a chance to unlock the Raider Armor. Play through Spartan Ops Episodes 1-3 on Legendary and you can unlock the Raider DSTT Variant. Along with these armor unlocks comes more xp, and concept art as well. How is this possible? 343 Industries hid secret codes in their Section 3 News and in Spartan Ops Chapters. The community is working hard to decrypt these codes for everyone. I happen to have the codes that have been decrypted already. These codes work for everyone, provided they have completed the requirements. Visit the Halo 4 Codes page to begin your voyage to unlock special armor, xp, and concept art. Stay tuned for more codes and unlocks as they're found!

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