Development & Revision

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Hello, and welcome to the Development and Revision area. This area is designed to inform users about future development plans for the Xander 360 Tips website. Here, you will find information about the redevelopment, redesign, and revision of the entire website. Throughout the coming months and extending well into 2014, Xander 360 Tips will be redesigned from the ground up.

Beginning in September, 2013:

Xander 360 Tips will be presented to a web development team, which will then decide what content needs to be updated, deleted, revised, etc. This development team will then redesign the entire style and layout of the website. After agreeing on what needs to be done with content and how the new design will look, the development team will begin coding. New, interactive features and areas will be integrated within each page and the ability to create a member database will be added. Each user will then be able to create a Xander 360 Tips account and use it to navigate the website and use the new features to their full extent. Addition of console specific and non-specific content will be added.

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