MW2 Emblems Page 4

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File:Emblem-pacifier-pink.jpg File:Emblem-treasurechest-1.jpg File:Emblem-bear.jpg File:Emblem-tire.jpg File:Emblem-painkiller.jpg File:Cod4 prestige 4 .jpg File:Cross.gif File:Emblem-prestige-5.jpg
Complete the "Counter Claymore III" challenge - Kill 20 enemies by shooting a claymore Steal 200 enemy care packages Complete the "Multi Frag III" challenge Complete "The Resourceful" challenge. Awarded with "Friends with Benefits" Once painkiller is active, survive enough to kill you normally as you kill another player Complete the "Carpet Bomber IV" challenge Complete 
"Spectre IV"

(Yes I know it's squished)
Reach 5th prestige level 2
File:Emblem-cod4.jpg File:Emblem-treasuremap-1.jpg File:Emblem-hyena.jpg File:Emblem-loadedfinger.jpg File:Emblem-grenadepulldeath.jpg File:Cod4 prestige 5.jpg File:Prestige10Anim.gif File:Prestige-6.jpg
Complete the "Carpet Bomb" challenge Complete "Airstrike Inbound: III" Challenge Complete "Multi-RPG III Challenge" Complete the "MG Master" challenge - 5 killstreak using mounted machine gun Get a kill with Martyrdom Complete "You're Fired IV"

Finish all "Prestige" challenges

Reach 6th prestige level 2
File:CODstar.gif File:Emblem-gears.jpg File:Emblem-sugarglider.jpg File:Emblem-girlskull.jpg File:Emblem-final-stand.jpg File:Cod4 prestige 6.jpg File:Emblem-prestige-1.jpg File:Prestige-7.jpg
Challenge: "Ultimate Sacrifice" Call in a nuke while your team is losing

(Squished too)
Complete the "Domino Effect" challenge Complete "Multi C4 III" challenge Awarded alongside Survivalist Challenge, survive 5 consecutive minutes Get back on your feet whilst in final stand or kills in final stand Complete "Chopper Veteran IV" Reach 1st prestige level 2 Reach 7th prestige level 2
File:Emblem-riot-shield.jpg File:Emblem-ghost-mic.jpg File:Emblem-stop.jpg File:Emblem-abduction.jpg File:Prestige 1 cod4.jpg File:Cod4 prestige 7.jpg File:Emblem-prestige-2.jpg File:Prestige-8.jpg
Complete the "Bullet Proof III" challenge Complete the "Stealth IV" challenge Complete "Think Fast Stun" challenge Complete "Cruelty" Challenge Challenge: "Head's Up" - Kill an enemy by dropping a care package on them Complete "Jolly Green Giant IV" Reach 2nd prestige level 2 Reach 8th prestige level 2
File:Emblem-iss.jpg File:Emblem-league-grenade.jpg File:Emblem-burgertown.jpg File:Emblem-illuminati.jpg File:Prestige 2 cod4.jpg File:Cod4 prestige 8.jpg File:Prestige-3.jpg File:Prestige-9.jpg
Complete the "No Secrets" challenge - Call in 3 UAVs in a single match Complete "Think Fast" challenge Complete "Master Chef III" challenge Awarded alongside "How The?" title Complete the "Look! No Hands IV" challenge Complete the "Spirit IV" Reach 3rd prestige level 2 Reach 9th prestige level 2
File:Emblem-ghost.jpg File:Emblem-rhino.jpg File:Emblem-bulb.jpg File:Emblem-copycat.jpg File:Prestige 3 cod4.jpg File:Cod4 prestige 9.jpg File:Prestige-4.jpg File:Prestige-10.jpg
Red Carpet challenge - Kill 6 enemies with a stealth bomber Complete the "Multi-Claymore III" challenge Complete "Think Fast Flash" challenge Copy someones class, then get a payback on that person Complete the "Predator IV" challenge Complete the "Cobra Commander IV" challenge Reach 4th prestige level 2 Reach 10th prestige level 2


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