Halo CE Skulls

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Skulls enable special game modes that you can activate to significantly alter your experience in the campaign. To activate a campaign Skull you must first locate it and pick it up. Once you have found a skull, it permanently unlocks the special mode, which can be activated before you start any future campaign levels. The hunt for Skulls is a tradition for the Halo community, and it shouldn't be spoiled - too bad there's me who will spoil it for you! Below are the hints given in the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Guide Book.


Description: Death carries a heavy price. Dying in co-op resets you to your last saved checkpoint. Dying solo restarts the level.

Level Found: "The Pillar of Autumn"

Location Hint: It takes an iron will to survive immense journeys through space, but cryostasis and Mjolnir, a Mark V armor, helps as well. Look behind a cryo container in the very first room.


Description: All Covenant AIs have twice the health. All Sentinels have energy shields.

Level Found: "Halo"

Location Hint: Those beautiful new water effects aren't just for atmosphere. They can also conceal mythical objects of legend. Search the base of the waterfall visible fromj your first landing point on Halo.


Description: Explosions have twice the damage radius. Light fuse, run away.

Level Found: "Halo"

Location Hint: Apparently even the Forerunners needed indoor plumbing. Before driving your Warthog into the underground Forerunner facility, look straight up to see a series of pipes. Walk along the cliff edge and jump to the pipe mesh.


Description: Covenant weapons: How do they work? Player cannot pick up or use Covenant weapons.

Level Found: "Truth and Reconciliation"

Location Hint: It's strange how doors work pretty much the same for even creatures as foreign as the Covenant. Check behind one of the one-way doors from which the two Hunters emerge at the end of the encounter.


Description: Weapons dropped by AIs have half the ammo they normally would. You might want to pack an extra magazine.

Level Found: "The Silent Cartographer"

Location Hint: A Grunt's beach paradise. All that's needed is a big bucket of methane. Search the top of the small plateau on the beach.


Description: Infinite Ammo.

Level Found: "The Silent Cartographer"

Location Hint: This awesome Skull is in a place that is not the map room (grenade jump required). This Skull is located at the end of the first facility. Grenade jump up to the top of the tunnel.


Description: The motion tracker is disabled. You'll miss those eyes in the back of your head.

Level Found: "Assault on the Control Room"

Location Hint: If you find yourself in the middle of a snowy battle, you've gone too far (grenade jump required). In the patrol room just before you exit back outside onto the snowy battlefield, search the vents in the center of the room. Grenade jump to reach your prize.


Description: Every time you respawn, a random element of your HUD is disabled.

Level Found: "Assault on the Control Room"

Location Hint: Ladders in strange places can lead to gruesome discoveries. When you reach the gorge, you find several ladders leadint to lower platforms.


Description: Every shot costs twice the ammo. Save those bullets, playa.

Level Found: "343 Guilty Spark"

Location Hint: Only the most diligent of swamp explorers uncover these remains. Check behind the first Shade that you see in the swamp, at the beginning of the mission.


Description: Your shields only recharge when you melee enemies. Bash your way to better health!

Level Found: "The Library"

Location Hint: So many shafts, so little time. This Skull is hidden at the back of one of the vents just before you enter the index room for the first time. Use grenade jump to get inside.


Description: Auto aim features disabled for all weapons. You'll miss it when it's gone.

Level Found: "The Library"

Location Hint: The Index hides more than just the solution to the Flood. Look behind the Index when you reach it in the very last room of the mission. Avoid the Index and carefully jump around the edge of the room.


Description: Punching enemies makes them drop grenades. Beat them 'til candy comes out!

Level Found: "Two Betrayals"

Location Hint: Don't rush, take some time to explore. After that last fight, you earned some time off. After you capture the last Banshee, fly it past the third generator room back to where you emerged from the chasm tunnel. Searh the top of the underground entrance.


Description: Kill a grunt with a headshot and see a spray of confetti, to the delight of children everywhere.

Level Found: "The Maw"

Location Hint: Foehammer's last stand. Use your Warthog to get up on the railing near where Foehammer goes down at the end of the mission.

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